WebCam's - Getting them to work on Yazak ....New version Nov 2011

words_silver_new.gif Now works if you haveYahoo! Messenger V10, V9 and V8 with Yazak (and 64 bit now)

Web Cam Fix

Small program that Installs 4 Webcam DLL's into Yahoo! Messenger folder to fix any problems you may have with webcam not working in Yazak, You will need this if use yahoo messenger V8.1.0.401 or higher for yazak webcams to work.... but will also fix problems with lower versions you may have.


Click Here to download fix program (only 516k) V1.4.2 Nov 30th 2011 new

Make sure you have CLOSED Yahoo! Messenger and Yazak if running

Then click the Register Web Cam DLL's Button


You will need to click RUN twice to Run it from download

Then test your web cam should fix Show and View Cams
You may need to reboot your computer for it to take effect





New version November 30th 2011
V1.4.1 with feature to change where messenger path is at and the Drive.
You will need to select the drive you have Yahoo Messenger on and its folder by double clicking folders.
(or you can run this program in the drive folder and it will find it for you)