Chat Room Bans

Chat room bans happen when you try to enter a room to often normally because it is full.

When this happens the Captcha window will not come up and you can't enter any rooms.

If you wait around 5 mins your temp chat room ban will be ended by yahoo! and you can then enter chat rooms again.

You can minimize the chances of this happening by using higher Knock times of say 10 or 15 secs....and not 5seconds.


Setting Chat Room knock to 10 secs or higher



New version of yazak out
Update to Newest Yazak V8.91.0 (or higher when available)
also select top server on list uncheck randon and uncheck sp1

If your not getting in room after entering captcha code try using the
BLUE e to start up Internet Explorer and enter captcha code

(seems to be new problem June 15th 2011)



Click on blue Internet Explorer icon



To see this page come up, enter code



Should then see this.... close it and you should be in the room








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