YazServ Chat Rooms Problems

Help getting Yazserv to work!


Test1 Failed !!!! Can't be reached from world connection
Test2 Failed - Timed Out

test failed


The Test1 Failed means the port is not open and and connection cant be made.

Using UPuP

1. You need to check UPnp is Checked in Settings
2. Enable UPnp on router (Normally already enabled)
3. Set Windows Firewall Exceptions Check UPnP Framework

Window Firewall


Using Port Forward method

1. Un-check UPnp is Checked in Settings
2. Open Control panel in router
3. Open Port Your using in Yazserv Setting to Port Forward

Here is how To Port Forward on Your Router www.howtogeek.com

More Yazserv help here


Some more technical links

List of Port forward's on your make of Router http://portforward.com

Find details about your Router www.routeripaddress.com

Yazserv terms of use