Mumble how to setup for Yazak

Setting up to use with Yazak

Getting Voice with Mumble link here to get it
2013-06-01 Mumble 1.2.4 released

Setting the Audio Input

Step 1

Open Mumble

From Mumble window
Configure menu ... then Select Settings


Audio Input Transmit ...Change on pull down change Voice Activity



Change on pull down change Push To Talk

Completed step 1 ... Click OK





Setting the Shortcut key

Step 2

From Mumble window
Configure menu ... then Select Settings

Select Shortcuts from left side

and at bottom click on Add button

mumble shortcuts


Click mouse under Function



Select Push To Talk from pull down menu



Click mouse under Shortcut
then press Ctrl key on your keyboard

mumble shortcut add


You should now see K:CTRL under Shortcut
If not go back to previous stage and do again

Completed step 2 ... Click OK

mumble keyset




Connect to a Voice server

Step 3

Open Mumble

From Mumble window
Server menu ... then Select Connect

mumble connect

Click on Add New button



Here is the Server settings to setup some chat room's.


Chat Lobby (Caasper's)

mumble chat lobby


You need to Add new for each of these and click Ok

They will appear in the favorite list

mumble favorites

Select a Server name from the Favorite you have added you wish to connect to
and click on the Connect button.