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Yahoo closed down their Chat Rooms Dec 14th 2012 Good news you can still use YazServ chat rooms.

Windows 10

Yazak will work fine on windows 10
but for Voice to work you will need to run this fix click here to get it

Also you might need to right click on speaker at bottom right in taskbar and
select Troubleshoot problems if your sounds not working.

You could also setup microphone,
Right click on speaker at bottom right in taskbar and select Recording devices

Then Select Microphone and then click on Propertise then click Levels
and Move Microphone Boost to +30.0 db
And I also set Microphone to 100

You might wish to use lower settings.








Yazak's own voice to work with Yazserv chat in beta version out now Oct 2013

To try YazMic goto updater and get new Yazak & YazMic Voice & speex.dll


or over install yazak part 1
download link

Important close Yazak before running installer

(instal now includes Yazmic.exe and speex.dll)

Few user might get Problems with YazMic voice (on XP 32bit)
"failed to start because MSVR10.dll was not found Fix here



Yazak has Yazserv Chat Rooms made by users
Accessed by clicking on YazSerV Chat Rooms button

Problems Seeing YazSerV Rooms click here


How to make your Own Yazak Rooms click here

Getting Voice with Mumble link here to get it
How to set it up for yazak


7th Mar 2013 V6.12.1 YazSerV
Two test for connection now made
How they shows

Hosting Tests...Please wait
Test1 connection from distant IP
Test2 Connection to self from external IP:
Test1 Failed !!!! Can't be reached from world connection
Test2 Passed!

Tells you if you need to use localhost
Will Show this

Test1 Passed users from world can connect to you
Test2 Failed - Timed Out

IMPORTANT !! You will need to right click Join Room button
on Yazak and select Join Room LocalHost

Only put on Chat Room server lister now after tests one or two pass

Added Help menu link Help to Yazserv Basics (web site)

Setting window .. Ignore Testing Connection Results ..removed as not needed (might put back if needed)


26th Feb 2013 V6.11.3 YazSerV
Changed on the main Yazserv window Minimize to act as normal functioning
and not hide to Taskbar Icon as prev. version did.

To Tools Menu on main Yazserv window Hide to Taskbar Icon
This will Hide Yazserv as Minimize use to
Note. some Windows 7 Home users have issues using this

25th Feb 2013 V6.11.2 YazSerV
Minor changes

24th Feb 2013 V8.98.20

20th Feb 2013 V8.98.19
Bug fix's

20th Feb 2013 V6.11.1 YazSerV
Ban window moved Max user per IP and Max Connections to Settings window
Note Max User per IP can be 1-5 now only

17th Feb 2013 V8.98.18
On Yazserv List Chat Rooms window ..
Added Popup menu when you Right Click Room Name on list or Right Click on Join Room button
Join Room Local Host - Must be your room ... Use this to join your own room your hosting with yazserv on this computer
Join Room (normal method) ... This is normal way to get in room, can be used by most users (even if own room)

Chat Room when you click Change Room button and you have Yazser List Chat Room window minimized will pop it up (un-mimimize it)

16th Feb 2013 V6.11.0 YazSerV
Settings ..Ignore Testing Connection results
This will ignore the connection testing and leave the Chat room up still if fails test

Send's Yazserv version number

14th Feb 2013 V8.98.17
bugfix in Yazserv List Chat Room window


4th Feb 2013 V8.98.16
Show time in Yazserv Chat Room now like did in Yahoo
Also Extra Toys Menu ..Uptime Yazak .. Shows in Yazserv Chat Room correct time
and says Connected Yahoo: .... did just say Connected:

On Yazserv List you can now Right click on to Copy Chat Room name to Clipboard

added "Ping Timeout! (Just needs to reconnect)" error 52 shows in login status window

Ping Yahoo was not working ...Reason Yahoo Disconnect yazak after few hours and yazak reconnected

On Connection Session time out error does not try to join Yahoo Chat Room
putting up this message "Connected Now! Waiting for Chat List"


29th Jan 2013 V6.10.0 YazSerV
Save Messages to Send to Chat Room
Type new messages in and then press Insert key to add that message
You can Delete messages by selecting the message you wont to Delete and press Delete key

Hide to Task bar on Minimize Yazaser window
left click the taskbar world Yazserv to bring back hidden window
or right click and click on Show Yazserv

(Note Windows7/Vista users have to click arrow to show hidden toolbar icons)

Removed possible kick exploit

12th Dec 2012 V8.98.14
Yazserv Chat Room list was missing bottom Chat Room name of list sometimes
Yazserv List now works with Port changes from Default 5050 port
This works from Yazserv V6.8.1 or higher

Pings Yazserv to stay in Chat Rooms better

11th Jan 2013 V6.9.0 YazSerV
Port changes for auto set to right port

6th Jan 2013 V6.8.0 YazSerV
Lots of Changes..
Including separate Settings window
Post in room limit
More compact ... hiding un needed info until you wish to see
Selectable DisplayWindow's ... Info Status ... Send data ... Rec Data ... Room Messages

30th Dec 2012 V8.98.12
With Chat Room command /vj (Voice Join) Feature to let you Invite other users into voice
when your are in voice, handy for inviting users that cant get into voice in room
Use the button "Add Inivite to Already Open VC" after selecting username to invite
The other user will get a Invite if the invites goes though to click on to start voice.

On login window added this message if you fail to gete into a Yazserv room and Chat Room not open
10053 Connection is aborted due to timeout or other failure
Try again, or another chat room

Yazserv Chat Room Voice Uses Random 10 digit number now

Yazserv Room window if minimized and button clicked to start again it returns to normal

Chat Room (Menu) File ... Ping Yahoo removed as not used

Chat Room "System is busy, please try again later" removed when using Yazserv (pkt:A1)


26th Dec 2012 V8.98.11
Alias Usernames now work in Yazserv Chat Rooms and work in Voice

Made Changes To Change Room YazServ List window

Moved Selection of Yazakpro and Freecreed Chat Room list to top just click to toggle between them

You can now Double click on Chat rooms in the list to join them ( don't need to click Join Room button)

Refresh button can only be pressed once every 10 seconds

Changed System Busy message

22th Dec 2012 V6.7.1 YazSerV
Added Info On Connections
Added Menu's
Tools, Host Listers, Help

Fixed Auto Start....Note Only works when UpNp is not checked

21th Dec 2012 V8.98.8
Made the Voice in YazServ Chat Room Combined in chatter list (as normally is when in Chat Room)
Now its not a separate chatters window and can use normal chat room features

20th Dec 2012 V8.98.7
Voice invite now a Blue color bar
Also when you "Click to Start Voice" the bar is removed and Delay is cancelled
Cancel Delay also removes the bar

The bar will not even appear when new V8.98.6 start voice
Note old yazak versions will see Conference come up when starting Voice ..so get them to update
They will need to click Accept to Start Voice ....

Lowered Invite delay to 30 secs

If YazServ Version is "V6.05.00" or lower will put up this warning message
Warning! Mic Click Voice will not work in this Chat Room as using old YazServer

Chat Room YazSerV room lister
Now Sorted
Also removed debug screen at bottom ....there is a debug button that can see this that toggles

19th Dec 2012 V6.7.0 YazSerV
Fixs on voice, When Start Voice users leaves or not found

18th Dec 2012 V8.98.5
Made YazSerV Chat Room Voice better just Click on mic ...then on link below
Still bit ruff but this is 1st issue of making it better

18th Dec 2012 V6.6.0 YazSerV
Fix's for easer to use voice

16th Dec 2012 V8.98.4
Fixed some issues

14th Dec 2012 V8.98.3
Fixed issue with Chat room on YazServ
Click Here to send again ....error's showing up in chat

13th Dec 2012 V8.98.2
Yazserv to show more rooms was limited to few

multi users in voice was not working

10th Dec 2012 V6.3.0 YazSerV
Fixed problem with name stuck on server not letting you in a YazSerV chat room
Change so UpnP is checked soon as you start YazSerV If UpnP is checked


15th June 2012 V8.98.1
YazSerV Rooms Button on Login what takes you to YazSerV Rooms
You can also login into Yahoo at same time now
So you can be in a Yazak room and still use Pm's on Yahoo
But you dont even need to login on Yahoo if you just want to goto a YazSerV room



Users having problems with false postives with the AvatarSelector.exe will be please to see
I have update it and you can see it currently passes all on Virus Total see here

More news and tips here soon

More Yazak help here