Stealth Settings

Stealth settings provide you more control over your time, by allowing you to choose the people who see you as online and offline.

If you are IMing with a few people and don't want to be interrupted, you can use Stealth Settings to appear invisible to everyone except the people you want to talk to.
If you want to go completely Stealth and hide from all your friends, you can use the "Invisible to Everyone" status message.

Here is a example your Status is Available

You appear offline only to Becky and Jessica, and online to everyone else
So, only Becky and Jessica show in Blue

Friends (4/6)
  Aaron Kilborne
  Becky Chapman
  Gus Armstrong
  Jessica Green
  Kurt Hamilton
  Wayne Graff

Becky and Jessica show in Blue as they have had Stealth Setting applied to their usernames
Stealth Setting ... Appear Permanently Offline to


Changing Stealth Settings on Yazak for a username ie Becky Chapman
Here showing with the Popup menu from Yazak Buddies List

Alternative method clicking on Stealth button onYazak Buddies
Below shows the Stealth Setting Window



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